WebTransitions: Supporting transitional change on the web platform and in browsers with funding, coordination and development.

Donations + DeFi: Turn single donations into long term financial stabilty for non-profits via staking yield.

Peek: Explorations in browser infrastructure, experimental web user agents, local-first data and applications.

Filecoin Foundation: Advisor for IPFS, digital archiving, space, devrel and more.

fLSD: Filecoin liquid staking derivative multi-token.


Protocol Labs


ongoing projects

Intent to Ship: A bot that posts when browser makers announce their intent to ship/change/remove/etc features in their web engines - Mastodon / Twitter / Github - Stack Overflow metrics dashboard and health monitoring for maintainers - Github

Always Right: Browser extension to always open new tabs to the right of the active tab - Chrome / Firefox

Dormancy: Browser extension for configurable tab unloading - Firefox

Tab Statistics: Browser extension to count open tabs, and tabs open/closed/switched per day - Firefox

Vim keybindings: Browser extension providing basic directional keybindings - Firefox

oldentymes projects



the hits

#1 on HackerNews: January 17 2024 - "Filecoin Foundation successfully deploys IPFS in space"

#1 on HackerNews: July 21, 2017 - "The new Firefox and ridiculous numbers of tabs"

Digg front page: June 20, 2006 - I wrote up the plans for session-restore in Firefox on this wiki page which hit the Digg front page and knocked over the Mozilla wiki